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WDN Webpage Presentation Maker


Presentations are not very shareable
      ...we decided to make webpages more presentable.

Web content is:

  • Universally accepted
  • Has accessibility support
  • Multi-platform
  • Searchable

Presentations are not.

A slideshow solution for WDN pages

You can use this tool to transform WDN webpages into slideshows. Each WDN Band becomes a slide, allowing you to easily present from a UNL webpage.

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Version 1 of the WDN slideshow tool has the following features:

  • Slides with content taken from webpage
  • Unlocked scrolling on longer pieces of content, allowing navigation
  • Option to automatically scroll on longer pieces of content
  • Optional Generated Header and Footer Slides
  • Ability to check generated slides by adding a border to any slide element
  • Progress bar on top of slide show
  • Ability to select slide in progress bar to go directly to that slide

Best Results

WDN Bands

This presentation tool uses WDN bands as the primary method of segmenting content into individual slides. If you would like to design a page to make the best use out of this tool, WDN bands can be used to segment content for each slide.

When the presentation tool searches for content, it will use the lowest level WDN band to pull content from. The 'check slides' option in the settings menu can help find what pieces of content are being taken by the slideshow.

Learn more about using bands at the WDN bands documentation page.

Use CSS Tag

If a page outside of the UNL Framework is being made to be used with the presentation maker, putting the css class presentation-maker-slide on an html element will designate any element as a slide. You can then click to change the "All Slides" option to "Only Tagged Slides" in the presentation maker to only show elements tagged with presentation-maker-slide.

Shhhhhh.....Here's a Secret

If you want an element to not be shown on your page but appear in your presentation, add the class pm-show. Likewise, if you want something on your page to be hidden in your presentation, add the class pm-hide.

Browser Support

Chrome Supported
Firefox Supported
Safari Supported
Internet Explorer Partially Supported - No Full Screen


To save this tool as a bookmarklet, you can drag the button below into your browser's bookmark bar.

WDN Presentation Maker

You can also save a bookmark manually by saving the text below as the URL of a bookmark.

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